LGRCI works with the Chicago’s most successful and respected developers to offer the safest and most attractive projects within the entire EB-5 marketplace.

  • Step

    If you want to live in the United States and benefit from superior education and lifestyle opportunities, the STEP EB5 is your ticket into America. This coveted visa allows select individuals to invest in the US and STEP into permanent resident status.

    As well as being the investment vehicle of choice for ethical property investors, Step will be responsible for the creation of over 480 jobs, generating more than $81 million of household income

    Opportunities are limited to 48 individual investors each committing $500,000 plus fees as our project is located in the designated TEA.

    The subscription for this opportunity is currently open. Please contact the developer for more information.


    Cresthaven Assisted Living Community is a planned 87-unit independent and assisted living facility that will provide state-of-the art housing and enhanced quality of life for seniors on 6.75 acres (27,316 m2) in south suburban Chicago. By providing a continuum of daily living and healthcare services, the facility will meet the large and growing population of seniors.

    The subscription for this investment opportunity is currently Open. Please contact us for more information.


    A 120-room Select Service Hotel in the heart of the Peoria Business District and is 1 block from the world headquarters of equipment giant Caterpillar Corporation. The facility will be equipped with a state of the art technological bundle that will permit a productive, social, and media rich environment.

    The subscription for this project is not yet open. Please contact us for more information.